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Setup includes creation and customisation of your account, provision of services and the GDPR document templates and storage for your business documents.

Opt In Confirmation Service

This service is used to obtain Data Processing and Marketing Opt-In consents from your customers and contacts. As your customers and contacts are uploaded to the platform, the system will send out an Opt In confirmation request to your contact by SMS, Email and/or Letter. Your customers and contacts will be directed to the platform and given instructions on how to log into their personal account page that will be created on the Optly platform, so that they can confirm acceptance of processing their data, set preferences for receiving communications and update any out of date information. The dashboard with give them the opportunity to Opt out and withdraw consent in future, which forms a part of being GDPR compliant.
New customers to your business after the initial Opt-In process can be added directly to the dashboard and an Opt-in email sent to obtain consent, or a paper based consent form can be scanned with the Optly Smartphone App and uploaded to your Optly dashboard.

Monthly Cost

Monthly cost includes access to the platform services, continued use of the Optly Smartphone Apps, document storage and management of your contacts personal pages on the Optly platform.

No long term commitment – the platform is supplied on the basis of upfront payment by Card, BACS  or Direct Debit, with one month’s notice to terminate.

Messaging Service

Our Messaging Service allows your customers the facility to easily respond and reply to SMS text messages that you send out even if the text messages are sent via a PC or automated system without a reply/from mobile number at the beginning of the message. For applications and websites that integrate with the Optly platform, you can append a short website url onto the end of the text message which a contact can use to link straight into their personal account, where they can send a reply message, or update their preferences regarding future messages.

The messages from your customers can be received via your Optly dashboard, or can be configured to be sent to you via Email.

Important: If your organisation processes or stores peoples personal information, then doing nothing towards compliance with the GDPR laws is simply not an option. If you use a service such as Optly to assist with gaining GDPR compliance, or obtain some GDPR certifications, then if you are found to have compliance issues, you will likely face a much less harsh penalty than if you do nothing.