Optly Platform

Optly Features

This page introduces you to a few of the features built into Optly.

You are welcome to create an Optly Demonstration Account to check the features out for yourself. You just need to enter your email address and use the password: optly  (lower case). To create an account please go to:

Contact Management

A core feature of the Optly platform is Contact Management. Contacts can be created or uploaded into the platform and then managed here. Your customers can also be permitted to manage their own customer account, for example to update or correct any personal contact details, or adjust/revoke any Consent and PECR (electronic marketing) Opt In settings.

Contact Details

Contact Details are recorded for all of your contacts on the platform. This includes Name, Address, Phone number, and Marketing Preferences. Any paper-based documents that you have for a contact can also be uploaded via the Optly Smartphone App and stored here – you might store for example a workshop document that is a signed data processing consent form. GDPR requires you to obtain and keep evidence of opt-in consents for data processing, so Optly makes that easy for you to do. Optly can also maintain and manage the marketing preferences which form part of the PECR regulations.

Contact Groups / Data Mapping

GDPR requires that you obtain a knowledge of what data you hold, where that data is stored and who you share it with. It could be stored in several computer systems, or on paperwork that is stored in different locations. You need to know this so that you can monitor and be aware of any data breaches, but also so that if a subject requests a copy of their data, that you know exactly what systems to go to, to find the data. The Data Mapping / Contact Group Manager function in Optly allows you put your contacts into manageable groups so that you can easily see for a particular contact, where their data is held. You might share data with external suppliers, such as accountants or finance companies, and you may have data stored in a business management system and an accounts system.

Document Management

The Optly platform includes a Smartphone App to allow you to upload photos of paper documents, such as consent forms, that you might want to store on the platform. Once documents are uploaded, the Document Manager can be used to assign the uploaded documents to the relevant contact, or record.

Email / SMS / Letter Consent Templates

Optly includes a Template Manager that allows you to create and edit templates which form the content of any Consent or Communication emails that you may send to your contacts.

Subject Access Requests

GDPR regulations provide for your customers and contacts to request details about the information you may hold about them, including what you hold, what you do with the information, why you hold the information and who you share it with. In the GDPR regulation this is called Right of Access and you must recognise this as a Subject Access Request.  Optly includes a Subject Access Request manager which logs any requests received and allows you to respond to them. You need to respond within 30 day, and Optly has a timer feature so that you won’t lose track of these.

Important: If your organisation processes or stores peoples personal information, then doing nothing towards compliance with the GDPR laws is simply not an option. If you use a service or platform such as Optly to assist with gaining GDPR compliance, or obtain some GDPR certifications, then if you are found to have compliance issues, you will likely face a much less harsh penalty than if you do nothing.