GDPR is the name of the new Data Protection Regulations which will be made into law on 25th May 2018.

If your organisation stores, manages or maintains employee or customer’s personal data, such as a name, address, phone number and email address, then you are required by law to have systems and procedures in place surrounding the capture, storage, use of the information you hold. Prosecution await organisations of all sizes who are found failing to comply with the GDPR regulations.

One complaint against your organisation is all it takes to lead to an investigation. Opt In at and use our platform to help you organise and maintain the documents and processes required to be GDPR compliant.

The ICO have published a 12 step guide

Click here for a video giving an overview of ICO 12 step guide

Optly can help you towards compliance on all of these steps.

Our Solution is a low cost online platform for businesses, their employees and their customers, that consists of websites, apps and web‑services that work together to assist businesses in setting up and maintaining compliance in many areas of the strict guidelines set down by the GDPR.

These areas include managing your business compliance documents, obtaining Opt In permissions from your contacts to allow you to market and communicate with them, and allowing your contacts to easily access their own personal information, and give them an easy way to Opt Out of future communications. also includes a secure 2 way messaging service. You could use as an alternative to SMS Text Messaging and Email, or if you still prefer to send SMS Text Messages to your customers, Optly provides a handy short web link which you can include on the end of your messages which gives your customer an easy way to reply to the message, and manage their Opt In preferences and personal information.

Click to view our video showing an overview of the Optly GDPR Compliance Platform


Optly pricing is based on how many customers, contacts and employees you wish to organise and maintain on the platform, and whether you wish to use our simple messaging solution so that your customers can easily reply, or opt out from, any SMS Text Messages via their account created on the Optly platform.

Our optional Opt In Confirmation Service will send an SMS Text Message and/or Email to your customers and contacts that you add or import into the platform, and ask them to approve their Opt In preferences via their MyOptly account which will be created on the platform. Opt In confirmation and evidence is a requirement of the GDPR. Our Smartphone App will allow you to capture a scan of an Opt In statement or document signed by the customer which can be stored securely online.

Our secure message facility will enable your customers and contacts to reply to SMS Text Messages even if your text messages are sent via a PC without a reply-to mobile number included.

Optly Platform Pricing Examples

Setup fee

Includes setup, configuration & personalisation of your account. Includes Optly smartphone/tablet business apps.

Opt In Confirmation Service
(if required - one off cost)

£5 per 100 contacts that you upload to the system.
(5 pence per contact - one off cost). Cost excludes sending letters, which are 55p per contact.

Monthly cost

£35 per month.
Includes management and maintenance of up to 3000 contacts, your business GDPR compliance documents & templates and document storage.
£5 for each additional 1000 contacts.

Secure message reply facility

£5 per month.
Allows your customers to easily reply to marketing and reminder text messages via their personal Optly account.

All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated. Pricing is based on one business operating at one address.

The Opt-In confirmation service by letter includes postage costs and is 55p per letter. Your customer is invited by post to confirm their details on the Optly platform, or reply to you directly with their preferences.

Please see Optly Platform Pricing Examples for more information on pricing.

Payment accepted by monthly Debit Card, Direct Debit or 12 months payment in advance.

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